Jean-Paul Gaultier Christmas Boxes Surprise Consumers with Festive Tunes

Posted: October 6, 2008

 Jean-Paul Gaultier has entrusted Cosfibel Group with the creation of its 2008 Christmas boxes. In addition to festive and refined decoration, these packs offer a surprise upon opening, as music plays when the carton is opened.

To meet the challenges of this innovative project, Cosfibel and its subsidiary Mandalay Design met three goals: 1) to assure technical feasibility; 2) manufacture large volumes in a strict timeframe; 3) and respect budgetary constraints. Cosfibel Group's presence in China for the past few years helped to target three manufacturing plants. The first specialized in manual systems for music boxes, the second in thermoforming, and the third to manufacture the box and integrate all components.

Working with Cosfibel's teams, Mandalay Design supervised quality control from start to finish to meet strict specifications ranging from offcut tests to the creation of subtle brand colors for paper and glitter. There were also additional quality control measures for the music itself, such as duration and decibel levels. Spearheaded by Mandalay Design, this project necessitated a full year of close collaboration between Jean-Paul Gaultier's buying, development, and marketing teams.

The box is made of mounted board, while the cover features silkscreened glittery ink with a specific color for each reference-silver, pink, blue, beige and salmon pink. The package is enveloped in a protective sleeve. The musical mechanism is tucked inside the box-the women's packages open to the sound of Elvis Presley's "Love Me Tender" while the men's version pipes out Scott Joplin's "The Entertainer."