Lavanila Has New Look This Season Thanks to Redesign by Acosta Design

Posted: May 2, 2014

Lavanila, a healthy fragrance company, recently presented the full service design agency Acosta Design ( with a challenge to create a fresh yet classic interpretation of their current fragrance rollerball gift box while also elevating it to a more sophisticated level.
The obstacles were that the packaging needed to read as a high-end gift set with a limited budget and the packaging needed to tie into their existing perfume boxes without highlighting one particular fragrance in the set over another.
Leveraging LAVANILA’S unique signature pattern, Acosta Design’s packaging team created a lace like ribbon that adds an elegant touch to the simple-but-premium gift set. This ribbon not only tied it into the existing packaging, but also provided the illusion of gift-wrapping. Within the signature pattern, orchids were highlighted with colors corresponding to the fragrances inside. This subtle addition allowed each fragrance to be represented but not overtake the design.