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Limited-edition designer collection pairs stylish patterns with planet-friendly products

Posted: January 19, 2016 by
Katie Gravely

 As a goal to bring sophisticated style to your bathroom, Method Products is introducing its limited edition collection of personal care products by designer Rebecca Atwood. The collection features four custom painterly patterns and fragrances.

"We do several limited-edition collections each year, challenging ourselves to use pattern and fragrance to push our design in new directions," says Sally Clarke, method's global creative director. "Partnering with a designer like Rebecca enables us to create a unique, distinct look for our naturally derived products that merges the substance and style core to our brand."

According to a release, Atwood's aesthetic is simple and luxurious, blending traditional textile techniques and hand painting to create everything from home textiles to wallpaper influenced by her life in Brooklyn and Cape Cod.

"Working with method has given me a new platform for bringing livable pattern into people's homes–expanding beyond textiles to make everyday products for the home that are beautiful and special," says designer Rebecca Atwood. "This is also a collaboration without compromise for me – working with method has made my aesthetic accessible to anyone, while staying true to our shared values of sustainability, quality and made in America production."

The method + Rebecca Atwood spring 2016 collection features four patterns + fresh fragrances, including:

  • herb garden—a festive confetti inspired by petals + leaves with notes of rosemary, sage, basil + thyme; available in gel hand wash + foaming hand wash
  • sandalwood—a pattern of muted stripes + dots with relaxed, woodsy + spicy notes; available in gel hand wash + foaming hand wash
  • sea spray—designed using traditional Japanese shibori dyeing techniques, with notes of sea salt and ocean breezes; available in gel hand wash + foaming hand wash
  • sweet citrus—a bright ombré inspired by ripe fruit with notes of mandarin + yuzu; available in a scented soy candle, dish soap, all-purpose cleaner, gel hand wash + foaming hand wash