Limited Edition Travel snacks released

Posted: May 26, 2016 by
Katie Gravely

When taking a road trip, one must make a pit stop, have a snack, and take a few photos. 

The Cape Cod brand is introducing kettle-cooked potato chips to its limited edition bags perfect for road trips!

The bags are available in seven flavors and feature inviting images of famous U.S. landmarks and picturesque destinations to inspire travelers to hit the road and enjoy the ride. Cape Cod is even asking people to snap and share their road trip pictures along the way on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter using #RoadTripChip. 

"Lots of people take road trips to Cape Cod in the summer, where there's beautiful scenery, tranquil beaches and the original Cape Cod Factory Tour, which is the number one tourist attraction when it rains," says Rod Troni, Chief Marketing Officer for Snyder's-Lance. "Back home, our chips are a pretty big deal, so we're excited for #RoadTripChip to help spread the love and crunch of Cape Cod kettle-cooked potato chips to people visiting the Cape and other great places this summer."

The 2.5-oz. bag pairs a Cape Cod kettle-cooked potato chip flavor with a popular destination.