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Maesa Creates Shapely Packages for Kelly Van Gogh

Posted: April 17, 2014

Kelly Van Gogh, a Master Hair Colorist and Columbia University trained chemist and product innovator, founded her company in 2008 because of her passion to revolutionize the at-home hair color experience. The company sought the perfect design for Kelly’s one-of-a-kind hair color and support products.
The 14 SKU line is comprised of 10 shades of Master Blend Hair Color and four hair color support products, which include the luxe Caviar shampoo and conditioner designed to boost energy and shine in colored hair. Having the package design and logo reflect the brand image was a must for CEO and founder Kelly Van Gogh. The Maesa design team took inspiration from Kelly’s unique approach to formula creation when designing the line.
“We wanted to create components that not only looked unique but had true form that follows function,” explains Scott Oshry, president of Maesa Studio. “The reusable applicator bottle was designed to easily apply color to the roots and behind the head as well as separate the hair. This approach makes the applicator bottle a unique tool within the industry and unlike any other.”
KVG outsourced 100% of the package development, testing, and manufacturing to Maesa Packaging. Maesa supplied all 14 SKUs with custom componentry. The shampoo and conditioner are housed in a custom molded HDPE tottle with a large diameter disc-top cap. Each primary package was decorated with a three-pass registered silkscreen, and the bottles within the line are coated with a non-slip coating.
The ergonomic shapes allow for easy squeezability to help evacuate the caviar-infused formula. Maesa also produced the refillable LDPE applicator bottle. “The package design semantically speaks of hair follicles, which are the key to healthy hair,” says Oshry. “This gives the line a soft, sophisticated esthetic.” For more, visit www.kellyvangogh.com and www.maesagroup.com.