Makeover Challenge

Makeover Challenge: Transformative Reveals

Posted: August 18, 2014 by
Linda Casey

This year’s Makeover Challenge brand, Kelley Quan New York, aspires to fundamentally change the product’s category. “I was so disturbed when I found out how the hair for makeup brushes is harvested,” Kelley Quan, professional makeup artist and the founder of Kelley Quan New York, recalls. “Animals are either brutally stripped of their pelts or maimed without regard while being sheared, especially in countries where animal welfare regulations are either lax or nonexistent. So I looked for an alternative, but I couldn’t find a fabulous synthetic brush. That started my journey to create brushes that meet my own needs as a makeup artist.”

Today, Kelley Quan New York makeup brushes are ethically manufactured in a family-run factory in upstate New York to Quan’s exacting standards, which are so high that Quan compares her brushes to top-end brushes made anywhere in the world, including the very high-end, handcrafted brushes from Japan. Clearly, Quan is set to change the makeup brush category for the better.

The packaging concepts developed by this year’s four competing design teams—Base Beauty Creative Agency, Envision Creative Group, Spring Design Partners and Zunda Group—also have category-changing potential. Each of the concepts not only aim to provide a strong presence at retail, with one concept aspiring to bring “drama” into the retail environment, but continue to deliver marketing and branding benefits after the sale.

All concepts are far afield from the clear plastic sleeves often used for brushes at retail, and all competitors worked with Quan to create concepts that deliver marketing benefits even beyond Quan’s existing packaging—a pink carton that’s landed Kelley Quan New York space on the shelves of retailers such as Whole Foods.

“The contest process has been really amazing,” Quan remarks. “The competitors asked very provocative questions, and I had to be very considerate about my response because they were going to use that information in their designs. It was such an amazing opportunity to have to be able to verbalize what my brand is about and where I see it going, four times. It’s an interesting process for a brand to go through, especially if you are open enough to explore ideas you might not have thought about simply because it’s not in your realm of expertise.” 

The most popular design—determined by votes by the marketing, branding and design experts in the Package Design community online and in person at this year’s Pack Expo—wins the challenge and will be featured in the November/December 2014 issue.

To learn more about each concept and the strategies behind them, take a look at this year's competitors below. 

Base Beauty Creative Agency

Envision Creative Group

Spring Design Partners

Zunda Group

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