Man-sized snack makes “Powerful” debut

Posted: October 2, 2013 by
Linda Casey

Named "Best Yogurt" earlier this year at the 2013 Dairy Innovation Awards, Powerful Yogurt is differentiated from existing Greek yogurts by its 20 to 25 grams of natural protein, a "man-sized" 8 oz. serving that is 50 percent larger than most individual-serving Greek yogurts, and marketing and packaging that speaks to male consumers and the active lifestyle. To get a better understanding of Powerful Yogurt's branding and package design strategy, Package Design's editor-in-chief Linda Casey interviews its founder and CEO Carlos Ramirez.

Casey: Why did you choose to break from the yogurt category typical branding and create a yogurt package that spoke to men?

Ramirez: We knew from our pre-launch research that only 43% of men were eating yogurt versus 57% of women. We've been laser-focused on that gap and finally providing men with a yogurt product they'd want to pull off the shelf. For decades, the dairy aisle has been a "no man's land. We were determined to change that with a great tasting, all natural yogurt that would give guys the protein they need in a serving size that would fill them up. We wanted our packaging to reflect our target market, which is why we debuted the first black cup in the industry with a masculine-looking red, white and black label.

Casey: This also is a very unusual yogurt container shape. What inspired you to create this shape?

Ramirez: From day one we've been focused on encouraging guys along the fitness continuum—regardless of where they're starting from. Our "Find Your Inner Abs" tagline is meant to motivate guys not only to improve their physical fitness but it's also a metaphor for being accountable and goal-oriented. Our container has contoured abs on its sides to remind guys whenever they reach for our container that they're making a healthy choice that's part of the larger picture of health, fitness and overall quality of life. Guys love it! We've gotten tons of positive feedback about the packaging.

Casey: What was the overall package design goal for this project?

Ramirez: Our goal was simple: Design a package that would appeal to guys. We knew the packaging would be disruptive because nobody in the industry has ever had a black cup or integrated contoured abs, and we were ok with that.

Casey:  Do you want to acknowledge any of your partners for their work on creating or executing the package design?

Ramirez: Phoenix Packaging LLC has been a fantastic product design partner.We had to go through a trial and error process with the black cup before landing on a completely color-safe container. Phoenix was also willing to create an 8-oz. cup size for us, which nobody else in the industry was doing. We also had to make sure the packaging was color safe. So we tried a few different cups and ran them through numerous tests before landing on our current cup, which passed all of our tests with flying colors.