Multivac Offers Standard-Compliant Systems for Sanitized Food Packaging

Posted: May 5, 2014 by
Ron Romanik

Multivac Inc. says that its R530 thermoform roll stock packaging systems feature the latest advancements in easy-to-sanitize design: reduced flat surfaces; hermetically sealed hollow components; and one-piece construction of many parts to avoid crevices and water collection points. The new features, designed to help processors maximize their food safety practices, are based on American Meat Institute (AMI) guidelines, U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) standards, and the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) 3-A standards covering materials, design and construction requirements of equipment used in meat and poultry processing.

Multivac says that it worked closely with AMI members at companies including Land O’ Frost to evaluate its R530 roll stock system according to AMI’s new sanitary design guidelines. The company has also embraced the USDA’s voluntary program by engineering the R530 to address the agency’s stringent sanitation requirements. Multivac claims to be the only manufacturer of horizontal form fill-and-seal equipment to gain acceptance in the USDA compliance program. The company has also received authorization to apply the 3-A symbol. The R530 was introduced with all-stainless-steel surface construction in 1991. Today Multivac’s line of roll stock systems, tray sealers, and chamber equipment features stainless steel construction, full wash-down capabilities, and other features for easy cleaning.

As part of the design and development process for the R530, Multivac invited customers and members of AMI’s sanitary design committee to review the system. Their recommendations led to the most recent enhancements and will serve as the basis of future designs, according to Multivac.