Rigid Plastics

New SnapTop Closure/Container Combination Reduces Costs

Posted: April 6, 2007

Specialty packaging manufacturer J.L. Clark [www.jlclark.com] has partnered with Blue Ridge Paper to develop and introduce a new packaging product called the SnapTop™ closure. The new plastic SnapTop™ closure from J.L. Clark, combined with a paper container from Blue Ridge Paper, is designed to make significant reductions in overall packaging costs as compared to conventional round plastic tubs and other containers used to contain, store, and dispense all types of foods, snacks, and ingredients.

The SnapTop™ closure design now makes it possible for the consumer to easily and repeatedly open and close a container while ensuring a secure fit every time. In addition, the square shape of the closure/container enables manufacturers and retailers to pack more product in a smaller space than in round containers, which also translates into significant savings on storage and shipping costs.

J.L.Clark delivers a variety of consumer and industrial packaging services to a wide range of markets including health and beauty aids, coffee and tea, spice, confectionery, candles, film, battery, spools, and plain tin containers. From plant locations in Rockford, IL, Lancaster, PA, and Lathrop, CA, customers can take advantage of any and all of a full range of services, including assisting graphic and concept design, package development, prototyping, project management, and contract packaging.