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Nottage Hill Brings New On-the-Go Convenience to Enjoyers of Fine Wine

Posted: October 6, 2008

Hardys is a robust Australian wine brand owned by Constellation Brands. This fall, they introduced their award-winning Nottage Hill wine in one of the most innovative packaging systems the industry has yet explored.

Called "shuttles," the packages are 100% recyclable, 187-ml PET bottles that utilize a closure that also acts as a wine glass. This packaging system is ideal for capitalizing on the trends taking place in the convenience and on-the-go consumer segments.

The tagline promotion is: "Wine this good deserves a glass of its own." The strategy was to bring back the small-size appeal, reintroduce a convenience choice, and play up the cute factor to those consumers who find the minis attractive.

The shuttles contain the liquid volume of 1.9 standard wine servings. Hardys was first to market with this proprietary package, which is also resealable with the twist top closure. In addition, the package can be marketed in a number of ways because the bottles can be hung from the base of the glass, which is the top of the package.