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Nourish Mind, Body, and Soul with ila-spa’s Purity, Energy, and Balance

Posted: May 2, 2014

ila-spa Limited, the organic skincare company, has just launched its stunning new range of products for the hotel amenities sector. The range comprises a Shampoo for Revitalising Hair, Conditioner for Nourishing Hair, Body Wash for Toning Skin, Bath Soak for Pure Relaxation and Body Lotion for Nurturing Skin.
Each product is packaged in a different vibrant translucent color with matching cap. The bottle has been foil-blocked giving an added touch of luxury using M&H Plastics’ 50-ml tubular bottle with a 20-mm double wall cap—all 50% post-consumer recycled material.
“ila” is the Sanskrit word for earth, and all their products use organic ingredients that come from a plant or mineral. They seek an exceptionally high degree of purity in every ingredient, every process, and every blend, and they have supportive relationships with the farmers and growers who supply their essential ingredients.
Gemma Carver of M&H Plastics says: “M&H’s philosophy is to work with our customers to help them develop packaging which conveys their own brand essence. Whilst the tubular bottles are from our standard range it is the choice of material, color and the addition of foil blocking which makes them unique.”
Atiqa Rana of ila-spa says: “Our aim was to create a beautiful collection of five key products all designed according to our principles of purity, energy, and balance. They are housed in our stunning signature colored packaging, and wholly in keeping with the luxurious touch and feel of ila’s retail range products. In addition, we wanted to utilize recycled materials wherever possible without compromising on performance or design. M&H worked closely with us to realize that aim.” For more, visit www.mhplastics.com and www.ila-spa.com.