Organic food brand focuses on Millennial market

Posted: January 8, 2016 by
Katie Gravely

Green Valley Foods, LLC brings eye-popping innovation to a category long marked by a sea of sameness on the shelf with its organic Green Valley beans.

"We threw out the rules for the organic aisle with Green Valley," says Gregg S. Lipman, CEO and managing partner of CBX. "Our beans will come in visually distinct, shelf-stable pouches, as well as in cans. Each package blends tasty photography with hand-written typography and vibrant illustrations. The result is a fresh, farm-to-table brand that intrigues and excites."

The new brand launched in October, and when creating it, CBX designed packages for Green Valley's full line of organic beans, as well as their canned vegetables. Before designing the packs, the team's research, focused on Millennial moms from both coasts, underscoring the need for a breakthrough in the category.

"We saw that there was an opportunity here for something innovative and differentiated," Lipman explains. "The 'classic' organic cues were no longer on the menu. We were on a mission to create a vibrant, playful, honest offering that would spark optimism and creativity, catering to today's busy but conscious consumers."

The CBX team and Green Valley opted for an entirely new approach to the packaging by introducing a shelf-stable pouch for the bean varieties. "Right away, that signals to the consumer that something is different about this brand," Lipman says.

A goal of the brand was to inspire and engage Millennial consumers to enjoy the experience of cooking for themselves and for their kids.

"We introduced loose recipe suggestions on the back of the pack to inspire that creative cooking instinct," Lipman says.

In addition, the CBX team brought the strong brand identity and package design to life digitally by launching the brand across key social media platforms. At welcometogreenvalley.com, users are invited into the thriving, healthy world of Green Valley. The website and social media channels continue to build upon the "Healthy Food for All" platform with chef-created Green Valley product recipes, budget-friendly $10 family meals and information about organic food and farming practices.

"Already, social media results are indicating huge interest with more than 40,000 likes on Facebook," he reported. "Distribution is set to grow rapidly over the coming months."