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Osram Sylvania Unveils New Consumer-Friendly Packaging

Posted: May 6, 2014

Osram Sylvania will roll out new retail product packaging this year that uses high-quality graphics, printing and structure designs to clearly communicate product family attributes and to strengthen the Sylvania brand. The redesign represents the first major graphics change in nearly a decade for the venerable automotive supplier.

According to company officials, there were a number of variables that factored into the new packaging appearance for Sylvania’s six major product lines. “Each of Sylvania’s product lines offer distinct features and benefits to the consumer and our goal was to redesign the packaging to reflect these traits,” says Denise Champagne, marketing manager at Osram Sylvania. “The clean, crisp designs form an identity for each of our products that will easily alert anyone purchasing a Sylvania light about its outstanding features. These new graphics will help educate consumers on the fact that they have choices when it comes to automotive lighting products.”

The redesign utilizes a uniform theme, consistent branding, and easy-to-understand icons to communicate product features. As a result, Osram Sylvania expects the redesigned packages to grab the attention of consumers and clearly communicate to them what the distinct benefits of each product family are. In order to communicate another level of premium, Sylvania’s SilverStar Ultra and SilverStar products feature additional embellishments that include glossy UV coating, embossing and hot stamped foil accents in gold (SilverStar Ultra) and silver (SilverStar) foil.

“Not only do we feel the new packaging is eye-catching, but much easier for consumers to understand which product is best suited for their needs,” said Carol Pregger, principal packaging engineer for automotive lighting at Osram Sylvania. “We are now using colorful, value-proposition icons, on the front and back of our packages, denoting levels of brightness, down-road sight distances and increased peripheral vision. These symbols help distinguish our products’ best performance attributes.”

Osram Sylvania is also committed to developing environmentally preferable products and programs through its Global Care initiative. The new changes will reduce the amount of plastic in the packaging by encasing products in contoured, tighter fitting blisters, instead of bulky, loose-fitting plastic “windows” made of two pieces of plastic as used previously. The new trapped blister package structure and form-fitting blisters make for a better theft-resistant package solution, as well as using less plastic and reducing cubic volume of its premium SilverStar and SilverStar Ultra product packaging by up to 78%.