Packaging Association of Canada 2007 National Packaging Competition

Posted: September 20, 2009 by
Ron Romanik

For over 50 years, the Packaging Association of Canada (PAC) has united the design, supply, and use sectors of the packaging industry as a preemptive, proactive, cooperative force to address trade competitiveness, environmental, and other industry concerns. PAC s diverse member base includes suppliers of every kind of packaging product, material, equipment, and service, and also encompasses the many user sectors that purchase a wide range of packaging technology and expertise.

DX Best of Show
Windset Farms Vegetable Cartons
Customer: Windset Farms Brand Packaging
Converter/Co-Packer/Manufacturer/Pre-Press/Printer: Crown Packaging
Structural Design: Crown Creative Group
Graphic Design: Kinky Logic Inc.

Windset Farms sells packaged vegetables to big box stores in the U.S. and Canada in sturdy and vibrantly colored boxes. The products and boxes have an art and music theme, with names such as Virtuoso, Meastro, and Fresco, and are color-coded for easy recognition. To maximize the merchandising impact, they went to a brighter white paper to make the pictures of the vegetables really stand out.

Chairman's Choice
Compliments Ice Cream
Customer: Sobeys Inc.
Converter/Manufacturer: Ropak Packaging
Pre-Press/Printer: Drukkerij Verstraete

The design of this entry was converted to the in-mold labeling package to enhance the graphics. The IML process allows more freedom in the overall design process, making the package more appealing and making the nutritional and ingredient labeling more clearly legible.

Consumer's Voice
Brown-Forman Wine Packages
Customer: Brown-Forman Corporation
Co-Packer: Charlton Hobbs Inc.
Manufacturer/Structural Design: Robinson Paperboard Packaging
Pre-Press/Printer: Battlefield Graphics Inc.

The Keep it Cool wine secondary packaging tubes can keep a bottle of wine chilled up to three hours after opening. The package is a combination of recycled paperboard and silver-foil lining with an insulating air gap. The double-walled, litho-printed containers provide an attractive and secure package solution with value-added features such as versatility in use situations, potential reuse, and easy recycling.

Neilson The Ultimate Chocolate Milk
Customer: Neilson Dairy
Converter/Manufacturer/Printer: Alcoa Flexible Packaging
Graphic Design: Davis

The unique shape makes the bottle easy to hold, the full-threaded closure allows easy opening and reclosing, and the safety seal has a pull tab for effortless removal. Visually, the copy is strong and clear for instant product and flavor identification, and the nutritional information and best before are clear.

Environmental Recognition
Kumala Wines
Customer: Vincor International Inc.
Converter/Co-Packer/Manufacturer: Tetra Pak Canada Inc.

Recyclable Tetra Pak cartons use minimal material and energy to produce and distribute, resulting in minimal waste and fuel emissions through their life-cycle. The cartons reduce packaging by 90% or more in comparison to typical glass wine bottles, and produce much less net waste than glass bottles.

Environmental Recognition
CPSC Biodegradable Bag
Customer: Canadian Plastics Sector Council
Design: Forest Communications
Converter/Printer: Farnell Packaging Limited

Farnell is producing leading edge biodegradable film products (produced with BASF Ecoflex resin) that are able to offer custom-made biodegradable/ compostable film products. The CPSC stated their need and Farnell answered with this biodegradable/compostable conference bag, now distributed from coast to coast.

Environmental Recognition
Allied Moving Kit
Customer: Conros Corporation
Manufacturer/Pre-Press/Printer/Structural Design: Atlantic Packaging Products
Graphic Designer: Conros Corporation/Sirva Group

The master carton corrugate is 100% recycled material printed with water-based inks, and all ink and pigment is recovered prior to leaving the printing facility to ensure none enters the water supply. The master carton design requires no additional packaging when shipped on a pallet, other than a shrink wrap.


ASL PLA Green Packaging Labels
Customer: Biota Brands of America
Pre-Press/Printer/Structural Design: All Stick Label
Graphic Design: Spear

All Stick Label's preferred partner, NatureWorks, manufactures a polymer which has a greatly reduced carbon footprint and uses up to 68% less fossil fuels than plastic.

Cargo Cosmetics
Converter/Co-Packer/Manufacturer (for Cargo color cards): Arcade Marketing
Graphic Design: Motiv:8 Communications; Mental Art + Design Ltd.
Structural Designer: Cargo Collaboration
Pre-Press/Printer: Bellshire

All Stick Label's preferred partner, NatureWorks, manufactures a polymer which has a greatly reduced carbon footprint and uses up to 68% less fossil fuels than plastic.

United States Postal Service Mail Box End Cap
Customer: Conros Corporation
Converter/Manufacturer/ Structural Design: Kruger Packaging
Graphic and Display Design: Kmart/Cherie Jansen/Mada Design
Pre-press/Printer: Annan & Bird Lithographers

The entire display corrugate is 100% recycled material, the main display minus the side panels and top bow are all printed with water-based inks, and all used ink and pigment is recovered prior to leaving the printing facility.