Patch Handle and Top Slider Create Easy-Handling FlexZiBox® Launch

Posted: May 2, 2014

Flexible and robust at the same time, easy to carry, and well suited for volumes up to 55 pounds—that is Nordenia's FlexZiBox® packaging. The leading product from the global converter Nordenia International AG is now "conquering" the U.S., broadening the portfolio with a new patch handle variant.
The Nordenia Group is producing the FlexZiBox packaging with different handles at their subsidiaries in Jackson, MO, and Steinfeld, Germany. The Nordenia plant in Jackson has refined the high-grade, reclosable side gusset bag, which has been successfully manufactured by Nordenia in Europe for some time for the American market.
With an extraordinarily robust patch handle and top slider, the packaging combines simple handling with convenient reclosability. The FlexZiBox is well-suited to pet care or lawn and garden products, as well as the agrichemical industry. "We are manufacturing the FlexZiBox for the U.S. market, but of course international customers as well," explains Bill Burke, managing director of Nordenia USA.
The patented patch handle is particularly tear-proof and resilient due to a clever combination of materials. "Even bags weighing up to 55 pounds can be carried comfortably, without them cutting painfully into the hand," says Burke. The handle also enables the consumer to pour the contents of the packaged product more precisely and lowers the risk of the contents being spilled accidentally. Last but not least, the handle is an optically attractive distinguishing feature. It can also be printed on and included in the graphic design of the packaging.
The top slider on the packaging guarantees the convenient opening and closing of the bag and facilitates the dispensing of the product. "The slider is easy to recognize and easy to use for all age groups," explains Bill Burke. "The customer immediately notices that decanting packaged contents into another container is not necessary with this packaging solution." The reclosable seal is completely airtight and protects the product from moisture. For more, visit www.nordenia.com.