PLGA Print Quality Awards 2005

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The Packaging and Label Gravure Association (PLGA) Global Print Quality Awards Program was formed to promote the use of rotogravure printing for labels and packaging and to be a prime information resource for the label and packaging buyer or user. The judging for these awards, presented this past March, is based on a numerical rating by all judges for each entry in a category, and judges' comments appear below. Visit for a complete presentation of the 2005 awards, as well as the 2004, 2003, and 2002 award winners.

Paperboard — Top Coated
Kool Mix
Alcan Packaging

This paperboard carton is top coated with six colors plus varnish, printed on 10pt CIS. With multi-level embossing, both the green and blue samples were deemed bright and lively and very clean, the letters were crisp, and there was no bleeding. The judges were particularly impressed by the embossed keyline around the figures and the Kool type.

Special Structure — Printed
Seagram's Cooler

This four-pack wine cooler carrier is printed with six colors plus lacquer on 0.019" thick carrier craft with wet strength. The print execution required a difficult nest in the sheet layout. The colors are vibrant, the register was good, the register to die cut was above average, and the Seagram's logo was very nicely done.

Safeway Select Potstickers
Nordenia USA

This pouch has seven colors reverse-printed on 48ga polyester and laminated with solvent-less adhesive. The use of metallized ink achieves a nice contrast of images with believable food display. The solids are good, halftones excellent, the black type sharp, and the reversed out type is clear and legible.

Reverse Printed
Fire Water
SleeveCo, Inc.

This label has seven colors printed on PET G using high opacity inks to execute the high-end design and eliminate the need to coat the bottle. This dramatic looking sleeve features an excellent combination of deep black, silver, and the fiery flame illustration, topped off with well-executed reversed-out type.

Glue Applied Label
Henry Weinhard's Blue Boar
Inland Printing Company

This label's eight colors plus aqueous topcoat are all water-based inks printed on metallized paper stock. An interesting pattern in the green grass adds depth to this outstanding label. The label execution is clear and clean and the boar's head sparkles.

Paper — Top Coated
Leinenkugel's Big Butt Dopplebock
Multi-Color Corporation

Seven colors surface-printed on metallized paper proved to be demanding because of the subtlety of the colors, fine lines, and tight registration required. Considering the embossed surface of the metallized paper, the halftone areas are well produced and the subtleness of the bands in the background looks good.

Heat Transfer Label
Clorox Scoop Away Cat Litter
Smurfit-Stone, Di-Na-Cal Label Group

This label has seven colors plus two lacquers printed on Di-Na-Cal Gloss Finish release coated stock. The label certainly grabs attention and captures the natural pose and coloring of a cat at ease. Good registration and well-printed halftones complete the shelf appeal.

No Label Look
Smirnoff Ice Ultra
Spear USA

This Smirnoff label has seven colors printed on 1.2 mil BOPP with a 0.7-mil overlaminate. This job was converted from screen-printing with hot foil stamping to gravure printing for process advantages. The red, black, and silver give a nice contrast, luxury feel to the label.

Special Effects/Novelty
Havana Cappuccino
SleeveCo, Inc

This bottle sleeve has eight colors printed on PVC film. The sleeve is printed with a nice combination of browns and gold. The vignette in gold is well done, and the "eyes appear to follow you." The print is well-defined, clean, and crisp.

Use of Non-Solvent Ink
Crazy Stallion 40 oz. Body
Inland Printing

This beer label has six colors plus aqueous topcoat printed on metallized paper, creating an outstanding textured appearance on a two dimensional surface. The bold print is clean and clear and the fine black type is very sharp, finishing off an outstanding label printed with water based inks.


International Awards

Paperboard — Top Coated
L'Oreal Visible Lift
Shorewood Packaging, Ontario

This paperboard carton has five colors plus varnish printed on SBS board, and conveys an image of quality and luxury without the expense and physical limitations of a laminated substrate. The silver and champagne inks produce a visually stimulating carton, the fine type is very good, and the hot foil stamping complements the print well.

Special Structure — Printed
Kool Wallet Pack
Alcan Packaging, Montreal

This package has nine colors plus varnish printed on International Paper "Batstar." The package is a unique, newly developed three-piece construction. Intricate designs, soothing colors, and fine type add to the effect. The cutting and creasing are also very good.

Paper — Film Lamination
Blueberry Cheesecake Crunch
Sonoco Flexible, Manitoba

This package has six colors printed on paper and overlaminated with 48ga polypropylene. The illustrations represent the cookies very well and would attract the customer on the shelf. The small type is well executed, as is the reversed-out type in all areas.


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