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Prismatic Labels for Spring Again Gleam While Educating Sanitary-Minded Shoppers

Posted: July 6, 2009 by
Ron Romanik

Spring Again LLC has steadily grown the availability of its Spring Again® Garbage Disposal Cleaner from approximately 1,200 regional grocery store outlets and retailers when launched in 2004 to roughly 3,200 today. The primary target audience is women and other conscientious consumers with a top-of-mind awareness about antibacterial products.

There are approximately 55 million garbage disposals in the U.S., and 99% of people who use them regularly clean them with some form of home remedy—usually involving lemons, ice, baking soda, and vinegar. These remedies are largely ineffective because they mask the odor but do not address the source of odor and contamination.

The Spring Again product line includes the original garbage disposal cleaner, a dishwasher cleaner, and a just-launched general-purpose household cleaner. This emerging household product category often does not receive premier shelf space, and the target audience often is not even aware of the need for—and availability of—such a product.

Kevin Sievert, president of Spring Again, initially approached WS Packaging Group regarding the reprint of the label for its garbage disposal product. In short order, the planning moved well beyond a simple reprint after WS looked at the label and heard what needed to happen at the shelf.

Solutions for solutions

"We looked at the original label and there were five Pantone colors on the back panel," says Chris Doerr, sales manager with WS. "Our basic question was: 'Why?' The back label is instructional. So, we recommended a switch to two colors, which allowed us to invest more in the front label."

The Spring Again front label for all three products is not all that complicated, but it does have a lot going on from a color standpoint. In addition to a four-Pantone color logo, it includes four-color process. "Our push was to work within the basic precepts of the original design so as to maintain continuity across all three products," Doerr says. "We needed to get the message across with enhancements to something another designer developed. It really came down to managing the creativity and brand identity instead of a whole scale redesign."

By reducing the back panel to just two colors, WS was able to rework the front label utilizing its patented PromoPrism® film as the base material for the pressure-sensitive label. The prismatic label stock consists of a paper base with permanent adhesive, 1-mil polyester film with a clear overlaminate that provides a holographic rainbow effect.

The idea was to utilize the prismatic feature as a spot treatment to highlight key graphic elements of the label—the logo swoosh at the top of the label, a faucet and drain that are part of a sink graphic that demonstrates product use, and the number "12" that notes the uses per bottle. The PromoPrism label stock was overprinted with a combination of translucent and opaque inks to block out the prismatic feature in non-effected areas.

"We wanted a label that highlighted key elements in the design but not in a way that created such a busy pattern the effect would get lost," says Doerr. "Oftentimes an 'in-your-face' type of design comes across as annoying. But the prismatic features we worked into the Spring Again label shine as distinct highlights."

The design had to balance the primary need to gain visibility at the shelf to influence impulse purchases and the secondary need to educate the consumer about the product's features and benefits. Since consumer awareness of the "solution" that Spring Again delivers is low, the design needed to take shoppers through the decision-making process of realizing that they need the product.

The front label features the elongated tag line of "Cleaner, Fresher, Healthier…Kitchen Sink in 10 Seconds," and a large, centered graphic shows the product "in use" over a running faucet and sink. "We need to get consumers to see our product on the shelf, pick it up, and read about it," Sievert says. "So it's critical there be no misidentification about the solution Spring Again offers."