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Ben P. Rosenfield

A Label of Love: These materials help marry eye-catching designs and brand identifiers to packages of all types.

Pressure-sensitive Label Stock
Global MDO is a pressure-sensitive label film from Avery Dennison Label and Packaging Materials that combines a 50-micron machine-direction-oriented (MDO), semi-squeezable facestock with Avery Dennison’s S7000 water-resistant adhesive and a 23-micron PET liner. Avery reports that the facestock delivers high clarity, strength and stability for superior converting and dispensing. The adhesive is formulated for 50% lower ooze and excellent flow, and the liner is engineered to eliminate web breaks and contamination from dust.

Water-resistant Label Paper
TerraSkin bills its eponymous label stock as especially effective for applications exposed to wet environments, such as wine or bath products. TerraSkin is a tree-free substrate of calcium carbonate with a small amount of HDPE. It is compatible with various adhesives and decorating processes, including offset, flexo, foil stamping and embossing. According to TerraSkin, the label paper does not absorb ink like regular paper and uses less ink than regular paper, resulting in images that stay crisper and cleaner because the ink doesn’t bleed. The paper is available in thicknesses ranging from 100
to 400 microns.

Sustainable Label Stock
Weber’s GreenWise series consists of polylactic-acid label films produced with corn-based products; tree-free paper label materials made from bamboo, bagasse (sugar cane) and cotton linters; 100% post-consumer-waste papers; dissolvable papers; repulpable papers; recycled-content tags; and more.

Cast-coated Labels
Metsa’s Chromolux is a cast-coated material for label, packaging and graphics applications. It is engineered for burr-free die-cutting, separability, crease-free seating and more. It’s available as wet-strength label paper and is suitable for food contact (ISEGA). Chromolux is compatible with offset, flexo and gravure printing, and it can be used for containers, wrap-arounds and as a wet-glue label for returnable and non-returnable bottles.

Custom-printed Labels
Custom-made labels are available in several styles to meet a variety of labeling applications, including cut-and-stack labels (shown), which are suitable for a range of container types. In-mold labeling is an engineered process in which a label is placed in a mold before a plastic container is formed. The label is made from the same materials as the container and fuses with the container walls to become part of the pack. Pressure-sensitive labels are designed to offer versatility for myriad packaging applications, including those that require no-look aesthetics. Other offerings include blow-mold and roll-fed labels.

Clear, In-mold Label
Yupo Clear is an in-mold label substrate that resists scratching, fading and flagging. The ultra-clear label stock creates a no-label look without the need for bottle-to-label color matching.

Thermal-transfer Labels
Thermlfilm Nexgen is a new line of UL-recognized, thermal-transfer-printable products for durable-goods labeling. According to Flexcon, it combines multiple conventional print technologies, including UV and emulsion, with thermal-transfer printability and superior adhesive performance. The line consists of 12 new products in two categories. The 2-mil polyesters feature a topcoat that’s formulated to resist cold flow and allow for better die-cutting and dispensing. The topcoating is compatible with a variety of printing processes. Thermlfilm Nexgen products come in clear, white, silver, silver matte, satin silver and bright brushed silver.

Wine-label Paper
G3 Enterprises says Gtree is an environmentally sustainable, high-performance wine-label paper developed for use on all bottling lines, including those that use high-speed and mobile application equipment. Gtree is manufactured from 100% post-consumer recycled fiber from sorted office paper that has had at least one useful life before being recycled. According to G3, Gtree label paper is specially designed with a unique formulation for increased resistance to water absorption, allowing the paper to maintain its appearance when exposed to ice buckets and other wet conditions for prolonged periods.

Extended-text Labels
The MultiVision line of resealable, extended-text labels from WS Packaging Group is designed to reduce the need for additional packaging by offering extra space for regulatory requirements, multiple languages, consumer education, health and safety warnings, and cross-branding in a sustainable format. FlexVision labels are waterproof and resealable, designed for plastic tubes and flexible surfaces with a diameter of 1.37 in. and larger. EasyTab labels feature an easy-open tab that recloses for a minimum of two years; the labels contains up to nine single sheets or 18 pages of copy space above the base label. Moisture-resistant FlexWrap labels are designed for diameters smaller than 1.37 in.

Pressure-sensitive Materials
Mohawk’s Specialty Digital Substrates is a line of materials designed for digital imaging. It includes pressure-sensitive materials made up of matte, semi-gloss and high-gloss papers, as well as vinyl and polyester. Four different adhesive types are offered: permanent, removable, ultra removable and ultra cling. The substrates are available in a weight range from 6.4 to 12.0 mil and are engineered to run smoothly and efficiently through production-speed digital presses, including those that use dry toner or HP Indigo ElectroInk.

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