Rigid Plastics

Product Focus: Rigid Plastic Packaging

Posted: May 19, 2014 by
Kara Dunford

Firm Formations
Rigid plastic packaging, including bottles, jars and boxes.

Bottle Closure
The Unity cap design won this year’s iF packaging design award in the “research & development/professional concepts” category, for creating a new option for opening and closing bottles. When the cap is turned, a disc is raised or lowered, releasing or sealing the opening in the cap. This packaging option offers an alternative to traditional classic press and screw actions to open a cap. Unity is available in a wide range of color options.

Black and Clear Airless Bottles
Airless bottles are designed for use with liquid cosmetic and skincare formulations. The airless pump mechanism dispenses a controlled dose, helps prevent product contamination and ensures the contents are entirely depleted from the bottle. Available in three sizes: 15-, 20- and 30-mL.

Rigid Vinyl
Rigid vinyl substrates are available in a range of options, including a new gold and silver. The Rochester Institute of Technology certified stock is engineered to have great printability, runability and endurance.

PET Bottles
New oPTI blow molding technology delivers lightweight, foamed PET bottles with shelf-differentiation coupled with performance for premium product applications. Containers also have a distinctive surface feel and provide tactile traction, which minimizes slipping.

Cosmetic Foamer
The Apollo Cosmetic Foamer is smaller than standard foamers, which provides a sleek, elegant look that packaging supplier Quadpack says is well suited to luxury brands.

Clear Plastic Boxes
Transparent Packaging, offers a wide range of clear plastic folding cartons and boxes, with capabilities of creating custom packaging, suited for virtually any product and servicing a wide range of industries. Plastic box type offerings include: gable top, sleeves, handle boxes, a variety of closures, including auto-bottom and straight tuck provide added security and ease of use offerings for consumers. Clear plastic carton and box material options include: high-density polyethylene, PET, vinyl, TerraPET and PP and can be decorated in-house.  

Custom PET Bottles
This custom 48-oz. package for ArmorAll’s car care product features a distinctive silhouette. Clear resin showcases the product inside and easy ergonomic pouring. The custom asymmetrical PP overcap protects a standard 38-400 CT closure, covers the fill line, and can be used for dosing. The indented label panel shifts volume to the perimeter, boosting the size impression.

Cosmetic Case
This unique-to-client case is for the Wink line of mascaras from cosmetics maker Butter London. For the Wink range of products, which are known for their sheer boldness of color, Butter London engaged World Wide Packaging to create a package that shouted as loudly on shelves as its make-up does on faces. Composed of styrene acrylonitrile, the case’s vial component communicates the Wink line’s message of unabashed color through its own translucence.

Hot and Cold Cups
Versalite cups are engineered with a thermal management technology that aims to deliver performance and environmental advantages over traditional hot-cup formats. The cups can be custom-printed, are microwaveable and can be recycled.

BPA-Free Bottle
Many custom bottle configuration are available. One example is the New Drink Blocks’ high-density polyethylene BPA-free bottle. It doubles as a building block and learning tool. When bottles of this naturally flavored zero calorie, zero sugar water with Stevia and Vitamin C are empty, molded-in nubs let children connect them. Bilingual labels featuring licensed TV characters, like Chuggington, help kids learn Spanish and English as they play.

Dispensing Applicator
This car shampoo dispenses a dense snow foam simply by attaching a hose pipe. The Foam Gun that achieves this needed to be easily stored in and fixed to the pack, while at the same time effectively communicating the concept to the consumer. The high-density polyethylene container features a deep recess at the rear where the gun is held during transit and in-store. A hole through the center of the pack enables consumers to see the applicator when the pack is front facing on-shelf.