QSLD Creates a Revolutionary Refill Case for SoU! Quick Fix™

Posted: May 6, 2014

SoU!, a Canadian brand specializing in health and wellness, recently launched SoU! Quick Fix, its ultra-high level of natural liquid vitamins and nutrients. SoU! uses leading edge processes to extract and filter medicinal plants' active components.

The company had just released its new mono-dose vial concepts and asked QSLD to design and develop a collection of exclusive and innovative refill accessory cases specially designed for active individuals and travelers.

Designer Dennis Boudard comments: "Our objective was to provide the ultimate accessory that makes transportation and usage of the SoU! liquid vials easy and convenient for everyone. By choosing QSLD, Pascale Michaud (founder and CEO of SoU!) knew that our creative team was very familiar with this kind of challenging project combining ergonomic and innovative structure with a rational functionality."

Boudard and QSLD saw that the dosage consumption had to become a new daily ritual that all SoU! users could be proud of. The rotating flip cap now generates its own gesture. As normal vitamin consumption is a private and sometimes awkward activity, the taking of SoU! vials is resolutely sexy and elegant so everyone else wants to be part of the SoU! club.

Specially designed for active people who travel and move all the time, the SoU! Case™ is protective, UV resistant, and can be easily carried in a suitcase, the pocket of a vest or a purse. Easy to load every evening to prepare for the next day, the SoU! Case is 100% made from eco-friendly injected ABS and proposed in various colors with soft-touch finishes.