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Reactor Achieves Three Rs with New ‘Second-Life’ Packaging

Posted: May 2, 2014

Reactor, maker of the world’s most durable and progressive sport watches, introduced new “second-life” packaging that which not only improves the company’s environmental impact but also offers the customer a bonus gift after the sale. The new package features a sleek foam-lined stainless steel canister, which, once the watch is unpacked, converts into the nicest can koozies available anywhere.
“We developed the stainless can koozie as a promotional giveaway item several years ago,” says Jimmy Olmes, president of Southern California-based Reactor. “One day, it dawned on us what a nice package it could make. Best of all, it reduces waste and outer packaging to improve our environmental footprint.”
While Reactor’s previous package was also a foam-lined cylinder, it had no secondary function, and its die-cast manufacturing used tremendous amounts of energy while generating significant waste. The new stainless cylinder is laser-welded from a rectangle of sheet metal, using much less energy and generating virtually no scrap. What little scrap is generated (in steel, extruded foam, and molded ABS plastic for the base), is recycled back into the manufacturing process.
As a bonus, the new package significantly improves the protection of the watch in shipping, allowing the company to reduce its use of Styrofoam packing peanuts by over 80%. And because of its smooth shape, it requires no outer carton for gift-wrapping, eliminating another corrugated box that inevitably ended up in a landfill.
“This was a rare win-win decision,” Olmes says. “We now have a package that protects our product better, is easier to ship, and is better for the environment, all while looking great and providing a nice value-add to the consumer. Going green doesn’t always mean having to compromise.” For more on REACTOR, call 800-291-6600 or visit