Saint-Gobain's Eco Series Beer Bottles Reduce Impact on Environment

Posted: November 4, 2009

Leading glass packaging manufacturer Saint-Gobain Containers unveiled its ECO Series™ collection of beer bottles at the Craft Brewers Conference in Boston. ECO Series is a premier collection of three beer bottles designed to reduce the overall impact on the environment.

"Our ECO Series bottles are designed to require fewer raw materials and less energy to produce, while still maintaining the desirable strength and aesthetics needed for beer bottles," says Bob Shanteau, v.p. of sales - beer. The ECO Series design allows breweries to support their sustainability objectives while still maintaining the quality, specifications, and variety needed, all while reducing the weight of the bottle. The ECO Series collection includes three different 12-oz. beer bottles, each available in Amber color with twist and pry-off finishes.

The Heritage bottle is Saint-Gobain Container's lightest stock beer bottle option available with a recessed panel that provides label protection and a shorter height that allows for more bottles per pallet. The Legacy bottle is a unique alternative to the traditional 9" long neck (8.5" height) featuring a tapered shoulder design and larger body diameter. The Tradition bottle is a lightweight version of the traditional long neck with a large label panel that provides space for a variety of label sizes. The straight neck allows for easier neck label application.

Saint-Gobain Containers employed two company-wide initiatives, the Vision4Glass Process and Vision2Sustain, to design the ECO Series beer bottles. Using those initiatives as well as best practices identified by Saint-Gobain Containers' engineers, reductions in the use of raw materials and energy consumption in the production of glass containers have been achieved. Additionally, Saint-Gobain Containers uses 100% of the recycled glass containers it collects resulting in further such reductions.

"Our engineers analyzed the entire value chain of our bottles-from raw materials to final shipment to the end consumers," Shanteau says. "As a result, we were able to identify our best practices and translate them into tangible and significant benefits."

The improved design reduces weight, allowing for more bottles per truck, increased shipping units, and reduced fuel costs. On top of the eco-bottle innovation, Saint-Gobain was named 2009 ENERGY STAR® Partner of the Year for efforts in sustainable energy, the first glass company to receive this distinction. Saint-Gobain has also been named by Innovest Strategic Value Advisors among the Global 100 most sustainable corporations based on effective environmental management. For more, email