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Seaquist Closures Partners with MFV on New Closure Technology

Posted: July 6, 2008

Seaquist Closures has received the rights to market MFV International Corporation's Push Open Closure technology through an exclusive global partnership. Access to the technology includes designing and developing-as well as manufacturing and selling-both stock and custom Push Open Closures throughout all of Europe and the Americas.

"Seaquist approached MFV for access to the technology based on the growing need for interactive packaging," according to Brenda Chamulak, director of strategic innovation at Seaquist Closures. "By engaging multiple senses, interactive packaging takes the consumer's emotional tie to the package to a new level. Through the press of a button, consumers are emotionally connected to the new closure and the package."

Seaquist will offer the new technology under the One Touchâ„¢ product name, and will initially focus on the personal care market. The company will introduce a two-inch diameter flared design ideal for bottles or tubes, either upright or inverted. The two-inch Flared One Touch offers several aesthetically unique features, including a press-and-release finger recess button that allows the top panel to open and expose the dispensing orifice. For more, visit