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Snapshots: April 2016

Posted: April 25, 2016 by
Katie Gravely

Premium Look
Brand goes to refresh for baby brand.

Just Born, a brand that focuses on a baby’s sleep environment and bath time, went through a brand refresh to update its line.

The top two branding and marketing objectives of Just Born were to create a premium packaging that showcases the brand’s signature product collections, specifically in the Well Sleep category and to offer its consumers beautifully packaged gifts for baby showers and registries.

“We’re thrilled with how the packaging design and on-shelf displays from our recent refresh turned out, as well as consumer response,” says Josh Jordan, spokesperson for Just Born. “Quality is one of our top priorities, and we’ve done just that by creating products that offer premium quality in every detail from packaging to product and prints.”

The Just Born Deluxe swaddle comes packaged in a clear-front design so parents can see the product, and that’s one goal the brand had, also.

“We are extremely happy with the results, as the new, clear front package design feature allows you to easily see the products and prints at retail, which we know is important to our customers and to us as a brand as well,” Jordan concludes. “By creating a sleek gift box with premium details, we’re able to offer products that are perfect, ready-to gift options for baby showers or new moms.”


Prominent Design
Brand refresh takes winery facts and elevates them on label.

A winery in Virginia wanted a brand refresh for its brand, and Watermark Design did just that.

Rosemont of Virginia had a logo refresh and new labels designed for three tiers of their wine: a bag-in-a-box tier, the Classic line and Reserve tier. The unique aspect to the tiers is that each illustration is hand-drawn by Watermark’s graphic designer Jena Thielges.

“We were able to really go for it with the label and get that blind emboss of the vineyards that is all hand-illustrated,” says Darcey Lacy of Watermark Design. “The whole brand was elevated across the board.”

An interesting aspect of Rosemont of Virginia, is they’re one of the few wineries that actually use their own grapes in the commonwealth due to a grape shortage, according to Aubrey Rose, director of sales and marketing at Rosemont.

“That led us to illustrate those vineyard rows and make that very prominent on the label,” says Thielges.


New Ownership
Brewery’s new owners want a brand refresh.

Under new ownership, South Street Brewery wanted a brand refresh and a new design for its reserve tier, the Barstools and Dreamers series.

South Street Brewery was purchased in 2014 by Blue Mountain Brewery, whose owners have a deep connection with the brewery. Two of the Blue Mountain founders—Mandi and Taylor Smack both worked for South Street more than a decade ago.

The Barstools and Dreamers Series was designed by Watermark Design.

“They really, in their heart of hearts, wanted some more complicated illustrations, so this opened that door for them to do something more whimsical and fun, and something that really stood out because of, I think the foiled paper makes them stand out even through its label,” says Hannah Gentry Slagle, graphic designer at Watermark Design.

The bottle features individualized hand lettered titles and metallic foiled stock, to elevate the tier as a whole. The Barstools and Dreamers series is featured in a 12 oz. seasonal carrier and a 750 mL specialty line.


Standing Out
Packaging gets makeover in order to be noticed.

Farmer’s Fair is a snack food brand by Wolfgang Candy Company that consists of milk chocolate put over top of a hearty crunchy pretzel, mini graham cracker or animal cracker. The products are in a tray pack with a nice lid and the brand is said to convey that just dipped chocolate in grandma’s kitchen, says Benjamin McGlaughlin, CEO of Wolfgang Candy Company.

William Fox Munroe came up with a whimsical and wholesome and fun appearance for the new packaging.

“It’s interesting because we have this challenge, we’re 95 years old as a brand and you want to retain the heritage around that but you want that brand to grow up a bit,” McGlaughlin says. “We are faced with the challenge of retaining the heritage and longevity of how the brand is positioned, yet position it as a brand innovated as more fun, stodgy and old.”

“We almost made Farmers Fair stand out and emphasized the product better and made the logo smaller,” Tom Newmaster says, partner at William Fox Munroe.

McGlaughlin concludes with saying, “It was as if we were getting lost on the shelf [old design], but now the candy set is a very colorful fun, shelf setting.”