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Snapshots: May/June 2016 Issue

Posted: June 10, 2016 by
Katie Gravely

Western Can
Collaboration helps build package design.

A well thought-out collaboration between the NC Beer Guys and Lonerider Brewing Company turned into Yosemite Gold Mosaic IPA.

The founders of Lonerider Brewing Company have been huge fans of western films and living life as an “outlaw,” says Chris Laraway, chain account manager for Lonerider Brewing Co. “All of our beers fall in line with the west Texas theme,” Laraway adds. “Each beer represents a character and tells a story. Our illustrator Jeff Winstead brings the characters to life on our cans.”

Yosemite Gold IPA features NC Beer Guys Dave and Glenn on the can, designed by Jeff Winstead, illustrator for Lonerider Brewing Co.

“We wanted it [Yosemite Gold] to look western, there’s a difference between doing John Wayne and Clint Eastwood. I try to go for very limited palettes,” says Winstead. “It’s a limited palette, but the guys are in full color. Most cans have three to four colors in the design.” 

Lonerider Brewing Company was pleased with the design.

“Jeff captured the caricatures of Dave and Glenn on the Yosemite Gold can wonderfully,” Laraway adds. “The two preachers of NC beer are illustrated riding a railcar filled with gold, reminiscent of the liquid inside the can.”

Not only did the packaging feature the NC Beer Guys, but a portion of the funds from the collaboration beer was donated to the Myasthenia Gravis Foundation of America, a foundation close to Glenn’s heart.

“I was diagnosed with Myasthenia Gravis many years ago and manage that disease as a part of my daily life,” he says. “And we believe that at the heart of craft beer culture is the goal of giving back to the community and that has certainly been a part of what Lonerider believes and practices.”


Second Look
Brand seeks to make mark in frozen section.

The Daily Harvest brand is working toward sweeping the frozen food aisle with its newest smoothies.

“Frozen is the ultimate solution for convenience. It doesn’t perish, it’s ready in 30 seconds, and there is no need for any prep work—saving them time, stress and money,” says founder of Daily Harvest Rachel Drori. “Daily Harvest had to be a lifestyle brand that is truly differentiated from CPG, otherwise people may not give it a closer look.”

The brand needed a solution that would allow a flexible design and with material that could withstand the cold temperatures of the freezer.

“It [the design] was a beautiful collaboration among very talented creatives,” Drori says. “Our photography and design teams worked together [on] the brand from the beginning. We had to make a few adjustments as different realities set in with our packaging constraints, and we are thrilled with the ultimate result.”

The packaging is made of heavy duty recyclable paperboard with reusable lids.


Bold Design
Brand packaging communicates optimism.

Health Warrior defines itself as a food and movement brand, and its rebrand has officially launched.

The brand was founded by three former D-1 college athletes who were inspired by the best-seller, “Born to Run.”

An important aspect with the rebrand was being sensitive to creating an “evolution not revolution” of the brand identity, according to Hunter Pechin, brand manager for Health Warrior.

“Though we looked at many possibilities, in choosing the final design we selected a version that met our goals but didn’t completely abandon the elements of the brand identity already in the marketplace,” says Pechin.

Health Warrior brought in the brand strategy and design firm, Black Bamboo.

“After conducting consumer research to better understand brand strengths and opportunities we explored a wide range of design possibilities, honing in on our final choice through the use of qualitative research and quantitative testing,” he says.

The packaging is bright and is set to communicate to the consumer joy and optimism through a warrior scaling a hill and the brand’s name is in strong typeface.


Appealing to Everyone
Brand targets both genders with design.

Energy drinks and supplements are becoming ever popular in society, but this brand takes chocolate and labels it as a dietary supplement.

Energems approached Berlin Packaging with the concept of premium dark chocolate infused with caffeine.

Energems’ team had the idea to offer its product in a portable container.

“The design was based on how the hand holds the bottles,” Emergems team members say. “The ‘cinch waist’ of the bottle fits well in the hand and mimics the female body and evokes movement. We felt that females would gravitate to this shape.”

The bottle is white plastic and has a child-proof cap and a shrink-sleeve around it helps the colors pop on the bottle.

“Our goals have been met. We get quite a few compliments on our bottle shape from both men and women,” the team concludes.