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Snapshots: Ravishing designs for liquor

Posted: September 8, 2014 by
Kara Dunford

Ravishing Rum
Spirit packaging hearkens back to Cuba’s Golden Age.

Decanter-like bottles descending in height with age and value in mind nod to Art Deco styling. The four custom forms by Saverglass ( feature a heavy base, oversized opening, embossed art and the Facundo signature. “The collection is a tribute to Bacardi founder Don Facundo Bacardi Masso, and his relentless pursuit of producing rums of unsurpassed quality and refinement,” explains a Bacardi representative.

Duffy & Partners’ ( team of creatives, including Alan Leusink, associate creative director, set out to design primary packaging, secondary packaging and the naming of each product for the limited release of fine-aged sipping rums for the Facundo Rum Collection, sourced from the Bacardi family’s private rum reserves. Neo, Eximo, Exquisito and Paraiso, each feature a unique personality.

“It was quite a project, because not only was it a brand expression, but it was a line of four offerings inside a brand expression. We really had to dissect each one at a time and create a family around it.” says Leusink. 

Penny for Your Thoughts
English coin inspires gin label design.

Rademon Estate Distillery of northern Ireland introduces a craft gin to the spirits market. Founded by husband and wife team, David and Fiona Boyd-Armstrong, the distillery is situated on the couple’s historic family estate, which provides great inspiration, “We discovered that the direct translation of Crossgar (the location of the distillery) was a Chrois Ghearr, meaning ‘the short cross’,” recalls David and Fiona Boyd-Armstrong. Appropriately dubbing the creation ShortCross Gin, the Boyd-Armstrongs paired up with Paperjam Design ( to bring the brand to life.

Further research of the historical contexts of the ShortCross name led to the discovery of an English coin widely used in the 10th century. “We felt compelled to use this graphic element in our design,” continues the Boyd-Armstrong. An original coin was sourced, and high-resolution scans were taken to incorporate the coin design into the gin’s branding and package design. “Our design is all about research, and that’s what I tell all of our clients. The worst thing that any designer can do is sit in front of their computer.” states Paul Malone, director at Paperjam.

Effervescence Inspired
Soda packaging sparkles on shelf.

Safeway supermarket introduces French Style Sparkling Soda. Utilizing the design talent of Anthem (, a food as art design strategy employs rich visuals and elevated typographic styles to capture the premium Select series. Bill Luna, director, packaging operations at Safeway, states, “It’s really about offering the consumer the best promise of quality, taste and culinary experience. They can get relative to the national brand leader in the category.

“We wanted to take a slightly different approach with the illustrations to help communicate flavor, but to be unique in the category and create a bull’s-eye for the consumer to target in on something that communicated flavor in a unique and special way with a little bit of personality around it.” says Luna, in regards to the photo-realistic fruit graphics on pack.

Tom Holownia, managing director at Anthem weighs in on the design objective, “There’s a balance to be struck, so that we communicate a key product attribute, like the effervescence, that you see in the shoulder, as well as down below on the main body of the label.”