Technology Products: Covert Agents

Posted: February 28, 2013 by
Kara Dunford

Authentication Reader for iPhone
AlpVision’s iPhone authentication application is capable of detecting covert safety features. Working in real-time, it determines the authenticity of a package or product within seconds. Product-specific and user-friendly, the application works flawlessly with a variety of packaging materials (paperboard, plastic, foil and glass) and types (flat and round surfaces).

Anti-diversion System
The Kodak Traceless AD System for anti-diversion is a customizable system that can create invisible and long-lasting covert marks with clear security ink from Kodak. The mark is not visible with either UV or visible light and can provide ultra-covert serialization with drop-in simplicity.

Molecular Tracers
Tracers allow flexible and rigid plastic packaging to be evaluated at points in the supply chain to help resolve security, counterfeiting, liability and other issues, even at the retail store level. SecurTrace molecular tracers add distinct security signatures to packaging components.

Handheld Detector
The TAU handheld detector from BrandWatch identifies unique invisible and visible patterns created by taggants. These microscopic taggants are easily integrated into inks, polymers, adhesives, films, packaging, and with the touch of a button can be identified in specific product lines for authentication and tracking purposes.

Brand Authentication Solution
FiberTag, from Neenah Paper and Prooftag, enables smartphone authentication for brand protection using Web services. Fibers in the paper can be used by a brand’s label printer to create a “fingerprint,” which is assigned an identifying number and uploaded to an accessible database. The brand owner then associates product information to the file for authentication purposes. Additional functionality, including track-and-trace, is possible.

Infrared Coding Solution
Verigard is a proprietary machine-readable covert taggant (chemical markers) system that protects consumer products from counterfeiting by adding a small quantity of taggants to inks, varnishes or coatings.