The 2016 HP Inkspiration Awards for the Americas

Posted: November 22, 2016

The 2016 HP Inkspiration Awards for the Americas

HP Inc. and Dscoop, a cooperative of HP digital printing technology users, collaborated to create the first-ever HP Inkspiration Awards for the Americas, which recognizing the most innovative work produced with HP digital printing technology. The winning projects include Rod Key Marketing Excellence Award recipients, which recognize companies with the most creative marketing campaigns to promote their own businesses.

The contest will return in 2017.


Category: Beauty —Labels and Packaging
By: Digital Label Solutions Inc.
For: Home and Body Co.

An HP Indigo WS6000 Digital Press printed 3,000 labels with elaborate details and textures. White and cmyk inks were used on a metallic biaxially oriented PP (BOPP) to produce the highly intricate label design with fine silver veining.


Category: Alcoholic Beverages—Labels and Packaging
By: CMC Group dba Century Label
For: Sun King Brewery

An HP Indigo WS6800 Digital Press was used to produce 15,000 shrink sleeves using white and CMYK inks on PET-glycol (PETG) film for a collaborative offering between Sun King Brewery and Solemn Oath Breweries. Collaboration between all parties was aided by an Esko workflow solution; a Karlville Seamer K2 and ABG Digicon 2 series converting press.




Category: Alcoholic Beverages—Labels and Packaging
For: 86 Company

HP Indigo WS6000 Digital Press technology enabled CMYK sandwich printing of highly detailed designs of four label SKUs. The multi-layered label structure results in a labels that are impervious to moisture and with features specifically for the bartenders’ view only. The labels also work with a custom bottle shape that allows for easier handling by a bartender for more accurate pours of the product, while accommodate a large amount of text.



Category:  Flexible Packaging—Labels and Packaging
By: Grupo Ercus
For: Franqueza Coffee

An HP Indigo 20000 digital press economically produced 5,000 bags of three SKU designs for test marketing. The customized packaging features individual photos of coffee farmers in Mexico including maps showing where the coffee is grown and the story of the region. The package designs enabled the brand to create a more personal connection between customers and coffee farmers in a way that strengthens the brand and generates awareness. The project also supports an entrepreneur project that assists the coffee farmers in Mexico that provide the beans to Franqueza.





Category: Food—Labels and Packaging
By: Summit Print Corporation
For: Domenica Fiore

HP Indigo WS6000 and WS6600 Digital Presses printed white and CMYK inks on self-wound, matte laminate clear BOPP, creating a soft-metallic sheen on specified areas of the label designs without using metallic material or ink. The use of white plates and the characteristics of a clear BOPP material so the natural sheen from the stainless steel bottle could be implemented in the label designs. The labels support 21 SKUs of premium olive oil products.



Category: Folding Cartons—Labels and Packaging
By: TAP Packaging Solutions
For: Fleurir Chocolates

An HP Indigo 30000 Digital Press was used to produce eight different versions of 15,750 cartons. All eight SKUs were incorporated in one print job with the same gold foil stamping applied to all designs, which saves the brand time and money. The designs highlight the ingredients used in different areas of the U.S. by producing region-inspired chocolate bar boxes during the holiday season and incorporate various symbols and design elements to resemble a postcard from the different U.S. regions.


Category: Rod Key Marketing Excellence Award
For: ILS

HP Indigo WS6000 and 20000 digital presses presented the full range of ILS digitally printed products in an integrated family while leveraging the power of HP SmartStream Mosaic. The seven-item campaign was conceived, designed and produced to demonstrate a specific digital design and printing capability. The printer was able to use the pieces to start new conversations and opening up opportunities to serve as a brand collaborate instead of a vendor.


General Commercial Printing
(category | winning printing company)

Alternative Printing Methods | Clearstory

Best in Show | GLS/NEXT Precision Marketing

Brand Identification | Arizona State University Print and Imaging Lab

Brand Identification |Hemlock Printers Ltd.

Brochures | Oregon Printing Communications

Brochures| The World Bank

Calendar | GSB Digital

Catalogs| Duggal Visual Solutions

Catalogs | Duggal Visual Solutions

Direct Mail | The Standard Group

Invitations | Corrugated Synergies International LLC

Invitations | GLS/NEXT Precision Marketing

Photo Applications | Hatteras

Publishing | Mohawk

Rod Key Marketing Excellence Award |The Standard Group

Large Format:

Banner | Britten Studios

POS Signage | GSB Digital

POS Signage | Blooming Color

Décor Wallpaper | Conestoga DPI LLC