Thomas' releases new bagels

Posted: February 17, 2017 by
Katie Gravely

Thomas' is celebrating the convergence of two of the tastiest foods and food holidays, National Bagel Day and National Pizza day, with the introduction of new limited edition pizza flavored bagels.

Although the new bagels will be available for six weeks, fans will be able to enjoy and take the celebration of the days to the next level. But fear not, Thomas' is also releasing their brand new Limited Edition Party Cake Mini Bagels, a sweet, sprinkle-filled treat to top off a truly tasty holiday.

"Bagels and pizza have always been a dynamic culinary duo and with National Bagel Day and National Pizza Day converging on the same date, we felt there was no better way to celebrate than by introducing a flavor that brings these two classics together," says  Jon Silvon, Senior Marketing Director of Thomas' products. "The authentic, Italian pizzeria flavors of our new Pizza Flavored Bagels lend themselves perfectly to your next pizza bagel meal or snack. With Party Cake Mini Bagels also joining the celebration, we know this will be a day our fans will savor!"