A Bottle Carrier Makeover Creates Secure Handling and a Stronger Brand

Posted: May 6, 2014 by
Ron Romanik

In our continuing series, "Design Rewind," Package Design Magazine picks the most interesting tidbits in vintage issues of Packaging Parade. This monthly tabloid-size journal covering the package design industry was published in Chicago by Haywood Publishing Company, and the issues we acquired are from 1940.

In this installment, we witness the substantial package redesign of a six-pack container of Schneider's soda bottles, containing three Sarsaparilla and three Orange drinks. George Schneider & Co. in Brooklyn, NY, asked Robert Gair Company Inc. to redesign and produce the carriers.

The new design, right, employs clever use of cutouts to secure both the "outside" four bottles at the bottom and to ring the neck of the two "inside" bottles. In addition, the paperboard sides come up farther on the bottle, which creates a more secure package.

Graphically, the hierarchy changed significantly to create a larger, taller, and more prominent "Schneider's" brand mark, as well as increasing the size of the "Beverages" identifier. The gold medals, previously obscured by the bottle tops, are more visible and more attractively centered at the bottom of the carrier.