MilkWise's redesign helps brand standout in the dairy case

Posted: September 28, 2015 by
Package Design Reader -- Colette Cote

HP Hood develops a new brand identity and package design for premium milk beverage, MilkWise. The new packaging uses design elements to clearly communicate the health benefits, which include less sugar, fewer calories and more calcium than traditional milk.

The design work was done by HMSDesign, a branding and packaging firm specializing in the development and management of brand imagery. HP Hood, New England's leading dairy processor, selected us to develop both the brand identity and package design for MilkWise.

MilkWise is an innovative milk beverage that will flip the dairy industry on its head. Designed for milk lovers who aren’t getting what they desire from their current beverage choice, MilkWise is a milk beverage with less sugar, fewer calories and more calcium than traditional milk.

“We were pleased with HMSDesign’s ability to quickly and successfully deliver a creative approach and treatment for MilkWise,” says Lynne Bohan, vice president of public relations and government affairs, Hood. “We were equally impressed with their ability to use design elements to help clearly communicate the product’s attributes. The design creates a strong shelf presence for the brand in an already cluttered dairy case.”

“Hood has developed a revolutionary new milk beverage,” says Hugh Montgomery, president HMSDesign. “We had to be sure that our design lived up to and communicated MilkWise’s remarkable taste in a way that broke through the clutter of the dairy section while broadcasting the benefits of this new product.”

HMSDesign partnered with Protagonist for the naming and positioning of MilkWise™ leveraging Protagonist’s ExactCast quantitative research services. HMSDesign conducted and led the design exploration process, including brand image personality,  logo design, as well as creating the final package design.

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