How to Contribute to Community Voice

We’re excited to introduce Community Voice, an evolution of our community reporting tool and an invitation for you to help tell the stories, explore the issues and share events that are important to you. By becoming part of Package Design’s coverage of the industry, you help us deliver coverage with a deeper understanding of what’s happening on the front lines and from multiple points of view.
To help you tell your story, we’ve made it easier for you to post articles, releases and events. (Click here to set up your account.)  Once you’ve logged into the site, a yellow bar will appear under our black navigation bar. This yellow bar gives you two posting options: Post Article/News and Post an Event.

Use the Post Article/News option to share

  • package-design project case studies
  • design, marketing and branding trend-and-insights articles
  • marketing, branding and design white papers
  • industry-relevant thought-leadership and op-ed pieces
  • press releases
  • staff and other company announcements
  • other package design-related news submissions.

Use the Post an Event option to share a design, marketing, branding or package design event.

We’re excited for you to join the conversation! So please sign up and start sharing today.

But please make sure your post is relevant to the industry, you have the rights to the words and the images used in your post (you have either created them yourself or you have secured the copyright to share them), and you respect the spirit of the conversation by not using overtly promotional messaging such as advertising. A good test to determine if the content is relevant is to ask if you would like to read similar content from one of your peers.
If you are unsure if the content is relevant, please feel free to submit your article for posting. A member of the Package Design editorial team reviews all posts and approves the articles and events before publishing. (We expect you to have the facts correct and have the rights to the words and images, though.) If your post isn’t relevant, it will simply not be posted. We appreciate contributing authors who don’t abuse the Community Voice tool, but we also want to encourage timely and lively, two-way conversations and not dampen the enthusiasm of our community for conversation by excessive worry over relevance. There are safeguards in place to ensure relevancy, so please feel free to share your stories.
In the spirit of encouraging timely and lively conversations, the articles will not go through a fact-checking cycle. Instead, your post may be edited to clarify content and/or remove questionable statements, comply with Package Design style, or otherwise improve its usefulness to other readers. To help us get your post up quickly, please avoid overtly commercial messages and graphics, such as using your own logo as a primary image.
Also, remember to include complete contact information with your post. Members of our editorial staff may reach out to you to be part of continued coverage or related coverage on the subject of your post for other editorial projects, such as articles in our print issue or speaking at our webinars or other events.
For more information about Community Voice, please feel to reach out to me at or 847-224-8889.



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